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Rudenko's games

HOMO LUDENS - the person playing
has appeared earlier than
HOMO FABER - the person creating ”.


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Why I started the invention of puzzle games? Well first of all, dive into the realm of ingenuity is pretty damn interesting. Secondly it is very useful, because these ingenious devices require advanced spatial imagination and knowledge of mechanics, mathematics and computer 3D graphics. Yes, another design, as if the game will be ugly – she is not going to work. Just as an ugly plane won't fly ugly and the ship sinks. A passion for creating games captured me and turned into a real need. Constructing puzzles by 3-dimensional computer modeling makes it possible to carefully work out all the nodes of its virtual prototype. Done animation work game mode simulates manipulation of a gamer that allows you to carefully calibrate the pair of moving parts.

Thus born in the brain of an intricate mechanism first becomes a valid computer model, then in the drawings, which already offers a physical model: mechanical puzzle-manipulator. It's like the birth of a living organism – from conception to birth.
All the games are the intellectual property of the author, therefore, reference must be, and their production should be carried out with observance of copyrights. If desired, potential producers of my games will be able to contact the author and learn the technical details.
I invented more than 200 Games. Made and designed by computer 3D concept model Games in different versions
- in the form of plastic models
- in the form of models out of cardboard
- in the form of games for smartphones, tablets and consoles GameBoy

A few words about the benefits of educational Puzzles (not the shooter and catch-up !).
We all know that a herd of Buffalo runs with the speed of the slowest bison. Similarly, a human brain – he can't run faster than the slowest of the cage. Similarly, human society - its progress is determined by the average intellectual development of individuals. Therefore, in order to ensure progress it is necessary to increase the IQ of each person. And beneficial role here will play the regular exercises with “intelligent” educational games.
Puzzles-manipulators are very effective tools for training and development-mental and tactile (physical) memory. Therefore, they cannot be underestimated. It would be a big mistake. On the contrary – they should be cultivated and treated as very serious things.
And last. According to official sources, the Japanese doctors regularly solving Puzzles allows for the elderly to delay the degradation of the brain and to minimize the possibility of sclerosis in an average 15 (!) years.

So - Be healthy ! Happy Puzzling !
Invite respectable business for the production and commercialization of my games.

Your Valery RUDENKO
Internet-shop "Roscreative" (shoping of Rudenko's games)

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