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If you have not a competitive product -
then you have nothing!

The first commandment of marketing


In the solution of many concrete problems in various branches of science and technology often analytical solution of the problem in view of the considerable mathematical difficulties almost impossible, and carrying out pilot studies and full-scale tests requires a very large investment of time and money, or are excluded for other reasons. Therefore, the inventors in the creation of a new technique resorting to modeling based on simple sketches.
The great Leonardo created the samples on the basis of the preliminary drawings and not working drawings.
One of the effective measures to overcome these difficulties is the application in research and design digital 3D modeling and accelerated testing of pilot model sample made on a 3D printer.
Digital 3D modeling has several known advantages over other methods of research (versatility, flexibility, efficiency) and greatly helps to resolve one of the major problems of the modern innovation process — the complexity and reduce the time.
The use of 3D modeling in the invention is a tremendous advance.
However, to create a computer 3D model has undoubtedly the inventor who knows physics, experimentalist, proficient in the experiments and owns a solid base of physical effects.
The author has created a significant backlog of inventions with high commercial potential.
This site presents a brief summary and pictures that do not show the mechanisms that constitute know-how inventions. The author developed detailed detailed computer 3D model of all devices that will be demonstrated to a potential purchaser or investor.
The details of the invention are proposed for promotion (commercialization).
The author also invites businessmen to create innovative commercial structures.

Your Valery RUDENKO
Curriculum vitae

 RUDENKO Valery was born in Moscow.
With a gold medal graduated from the mathematical class of high school.
Graduated from the Electro-physical faculty of the Polytechnic Institute.
Upon graduation was sent to work in the Institute of Applied physics of the Academy of Sciences. Entered and graduated from graduate school of electro-physical faculty of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI). Academic degree – Candidate of technical Sciences. He holds the title of Senior researcher. Fluent in computer software for 3D modeling and for 3D-printer. About ten years he led the Division (five laboratories) for the development and production of new products. Has more than 40 scientific publications and more than 250 inventions (copyright certificates and patents) in the areas of:
- Technological machines and aerosol Generators
Device for electro-physical processing of materials
- Original vehicles to overcome water obstacles
- Installation for purification of the waters (oil and debris)
Energy and water Makers
Medical devices;
- Trainers and Massagers;
- Heuristic Educational Games (mechanical and digital for smartphones, tablets and Gameboy).
- military
His invention was shown in Russia, USA, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Romania.
Repeatedly awarded gold medals at exhibitions and salons of inventions.
“Honoured Inventor of the USSR”, “honored Inventor of Moldova”.
Currently finished writing a book on intellectual Games "ENERGY FOR YOUR BRAIN"
Coveted the idea RUDENKO - create Innovative Transnational business Cluster
RUDENKO Valery Mikhailovich, candidate of technical Sciences

Valery Rudenko, Ph.D.




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