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Russia has the largest Maritime border. Along its perimeter, particularly on the North and East are a large number of islands. For the implementation on economic activities and sustain a normal life in all these areas – coastal and island - needs energy.
The source may be wave energy, which are in abundance at any time of day and year.
Invented three models of power plants that convert the energy of coastal waves into electricity:
1. Invented power plant (Hydro Wave Battery), which uses wave energy, and accumulates it in the form of potential energy water stored in a reservoir for later power generation.
After accumulating a certain volume of water will open the valve and water is flowing down into the sea a mighty flood by the special direction will rotate the set on its path of turbine giving energy.
It is desirable to have several large tanks. At the time, as water from one tank will be draining into the sea to provide energy, at this time, the Installation will fill the adjacent tank. So in turn they will work. These tanks can be made from large tanks, or using a natural depression in the hills and rocks in the coastal zone.
2. Invented two modifications of the power plant, which uses wave energy and converts it into rotational energy of the original unit, which is transmitted to electric generator. The design allows to aggregate N such installations, have the shore.
Such WAVE energy can be used in all coastal cities and towns, and on the numerous Islands of Russia. This will be especially important in military units on the North and East, which are (usually) away from the energy highways (eg. New Earth, Kunashir, etc.).
The author developed the design and made 3D computer models of demonstration Installations with demo-clips, learning the principle of their work.
The picture shows a picture of one of the power plants on which its mechanism is hidden so as not to confuse the hunters ideas.
Invite the partner-investor for joint commercialization of the project.




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