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Invented by Marine Wind Power Stations, combined with effective energy storage – Mega-Flywheel original design. It is designed to provide power to the Autonomous regions of the different countries and Islands.

Due to the fact that the natural sources of energy are running out, humanity is increasingly turning to alternative energy sources of the rivers, the oceans, the sun and wind, and energy storage such as flywheels.

In recent years, many countries of the Northern hemisphere rely on the use of energy of air flows on the coast, where blowing very strong North-westerly winds. And the main emphasis is on the placement of wind stations on a new principle - not on land but at sea, near the shore. For example, Denmark will be available in 2030 5500 MW, of which 4000 MW of stations located at sea.

Over sea surface air currents move faster and smoother than over land. The waves, even large, do not pose such obstacles to air jets as the plains and mountains. Engineering tests confirm that a wind station located in the sea, can be obtained in half to two times more energy than the same design operating on land.

Calculations show that to withstand the competition with fuel wind farms, handed down in the sea, will be able, if you have an especially large sizes.

The experts planning the future of the offensive wind energy, speak about the capacity not smaller than 10,000 kilowatts in a wind plant. And again we see the benefits of the sea: it does not set any restrictions for either rotor diameter or the height of the tower. But, according to the calculations of designers, the price of electricity from wind power plants standing in the sea, will be very close to the average cost of electricity in the country.

The relocation of wind energy on the sea gives you 2 important benefits.

1. Even with a strong sea current of air above water surface less swirl, the wind flow is much smoother than the topography of the land. Stabilizes the load on the rotor, and this expensive and complex node stations is significantly longer.

2. Wind turbines are noisy during operation. Therefore, the people living and working near wind farms complain about the noise, get tired of it. At sea, however this noise will not interfere.

3. Economic calculation: why give expensive land for wind farms, when they profitably can stand in the sea.

4. All environmental benefits cannot be calculated neither in DM nor in pounds or in dollars.

Wind farms operating offshore, attracted the interest of many European countries with suitable conditions.

The efficiency and capacity of marine wind power stations would be greatly increased, if they provide safety. They would neutralise the variable component of the air flow and vyrovnal energy-conversion efficiency when the load changes.

The density of the stored energy flywheels are unmatched. 1 kg of devices are good flywheels store more energy than other drives - electrical, chemical ... the spinning flywheel is able to develop any, even the most high power, it can store energy from a power plant. None of the drives are not able to perceive and to allocate as much energy as a flywheel. The cost of stored energy is the lowest compared to all other types of storage devices.

The energy of the flywheel is directly proportional to its mass and rotation speed. Therefore, the flywheel should be heavy and spinning with great speed. However, achieving these parameters involves great engineering challenges that still hinder the wide use of flywheels. The large mass of the flywheel is the large size and weight. Acceleration to high speeds is dangerous, since it leads to damage of the sturdiest materials.

To resolve these structural contradictions you can take advantage of the sea.

The author invented the marine wind energy stencils the original mega-flywheel (know-how). For its production does not require special materials and sophisticated technology.

This Station can directly provide electricity, and can operate as a pump, which will pump water from the sea into an artificial reservoir located on the shore at the top (the higher the better). This system acts as energy accumulator. After accumulating a certain volume of water will open the valve and water flowing down into the sea a mighty flood by the special direction, will rotate the set on its path of turbine giving energy.

It is desirable to have several parallel energy-tandems: pump-reservoir. At a time when the water from one reservoir will be flowing down into the sea, to provide energy, at this time, the other pump will fill nearby store. So in turn they will work.

Such wind-hydro-batteries can be used in all coastal cities and towns, and on the numerous islands of Russia.

For example, the urgent issue of shortage of electricity in the Crimea for the desalination of sea water. For the territory of the Kerch Strait characterized by constant winds, which can be disposed, where he established invented wind turbines.

The author has developed design and computer animated 3D model of this station.

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