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Invented efficient power plant allowing you to dispose of the tides, even in regions with very small difference of level of the waters (!). Unlike traditional power plants – it uses the rising level of the waters, and not the number of missed water through the turbine. For her not required fenced sea bays receivers.

Height of tides in the open ocean on average anyway land near 1.2 m. the magnitude of the tide can be much more. And in some places, their height is 12 meters. But, unfortunately, FL their places on the globe very little. So standard tidal power is still not able to occupy any significant place in the energy sector.

The simplest device for tidal power plants need a pool — the Gulf blocked by a dam. In such power plants the energy of the flow of water, flowing through the windows in the dam and the turbine torque. The amount of energy produced in proportion to the number of the missed water through box dams. Therefore, a fenced pool must be huge. This is a very expensive construction. More one minus — shifting, forday power.

Is considered to be economically feasible the construction of such (!) tidal power plants in areas with tidal sea level fluctuations more than 4 meters.

To build tidal electric station on the old principle is not right. The fact that Russia is off the coast of the Kara, Laptev, East Siberian and Chukchi seas large tides do not happen. Usually, as a rule, they do not exceed 1 m. Only in the Bay of Nordvik (Laptev sea) there are up to 3 m. Tides of the same height of the tides there off the coast of Franz Josef and the West coast of Novaya Zemlya. Tidal height of 1.5 m. there in the North-European basin, in the southern Barents and the North-Eastern part of the White sea. In the Ob Bay and Tazovskaya Bay the tides to the rhythm in half of the day with an amplitude of up to 0.7 meters. To build in these places tidal power station old design — loss.

Invented a fundamentally new and much more effective energy station, working on a different principle, allowing to dispose of the tides, even in regions with very small difference of level of the waters (!). Unlike traditional energy stations it uses a rising level of the waters, and not the number of missed water through the turbine. Therefore not required fensed enclosed bays. Moreover, the magnitude of the displacement of the Executive details many times the amount of rise of water (know-how) - for example, a burst value of 2 meters would produce work adequate to lift water to 12 meters (!).

This setup will allow you to use the energy not only of all the many tides around Russia, but the so-called storm-surges. In most parts of the shores of the Arctic ocean of much larger magnitude than the tides, reach the wind-tide fluctuations of water. The greatest storm surges reaching 2 meters or more, characterize the Laptev sea and East Siberian, and in the Eastern part of the Laptev sea, for example near Vancini lips, the surge height can reach 5-6 m. On the shores of Spitsbergen, Franz Josef, Severnaya Zemlya Franz Josef, Severnaya Zemlya surges are much smaller, Franz Josef, Severnaya Zemlya surges a little less. In the Kara sea surge sea level oscillations sea exceed 1 m, and in the Ob Bay and the Yenisei Gulf is close to 2 m.

In the Chukchi sea surge sea level changes sea still considerably exceed in scale the tide nye tidal change sand only on Wrangel island tides and surges are about the same.

Around Crimea in the Black and Azov seas have regular wind-tide phenomen, when the water level rises to a height of 2.5 meters.

Invented tidal energy station can function effectively in the regions with a drop of water less than 1 meter (!). For construction these energy stations not need large costs.

Invented two modifications of energy stations:

- for marine regions, with a drop in water level – up to 4 meters.
- for marine regions, with a drop in water level more than 4 meters.

Such stations it is possible to supply all the Northern and Eastern coast of Russia.

Another winning feature these energy stations – they can be manned offshore platform for oil production, which are placed in the tidal regions of the sea. In addition, FL and station can be used in combination with traditional design.

TIDAL ENERGY STATION will provide cheap energy to all the Northern and Eastern coast of Russia, in tincluding the Chukchi and Autonomous District, Crimea.
The author has developed design and operating computer created 3D models of power plants.
The potential investor can demonstrate design and a working 3D computer model of Tidal power plant.










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