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Coworking Points and Quest Rooms


Now have become very fashionable original Coworking Points and Quest Rooms. I want to offer the owners of these institutions original devices for recreation and entertainment.
I have developed and prepared a fair amount of heuristic games. They require The gamer's hard work of the brain and ingenuity. They can be manufactured in the outdoor version, which increases entertainment and gambling. They are interesting to both young and older generation.
All games are multi-tasking and they are provided with the task setters. Games can be made with different (replaceable) semantic loads.
If you equip places such games, attractions, they will become even more popular.
When playing ”on interest" you can bet, because it is not subject to the Law prohibiting the gaming business. The fact is that the games I offer - attractions are physical devices controlled by people. And the man himself with his mind and actions is responsible for: he will win or lose (which is basically impossible, for example, when playing Roulette and with the playing “one – armed bandits” - this is 99% deception). So charging money for the use of arcade games and participate in the game “for fun” would be quite legitimate.
Only mercantile moment is not the lead in my games-rides. It's secondary. And most importantly-they awaken the imagination and cause sharpness. And most importantly – unlike the "one-armed bandits" and Roulette they develop brains. My games you can equip now popular co-working points and quest rooms.
Playing attractions are easy to manufacture. They can be scaled up and produced in the form of a medium-sized Board Games, and in the form of large-size floor or wall games-attractions for their production in the halls. They can also be installed in outdoor areas, clubs, cafes, beaches. You can create clubs playing attractions in all localities.
Unlike computer games, which bring children to mental and nervous exhaustion and does not contribute to the development of sensory and motor centers of the brain-I invented games – attractions have a beneficial effect on the human nervous system and develop tactile memory. I am sure that they will be a success and will serve for the useful leisure of young people.
The current examples of amusement Games and computer demos can be demonstrated.

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