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Turkish, Nicaraguan, Panama canals

WATER CARGO PIPELINE for channels, straits and rivers

Two "projects of the century" are planned - the construction of the Nicaraguan canal between the Atlantic ocean (Caribbean sea) and the Pacific ocean, and the construction of the Turkish canal "Istanbul" between the Black and Marble seas. New residential and industrial complexes will be built on the banks of the canals. There will be a need to communicate both banks of the channels for the movement of goods and people. To create communications between the two banks and to deliver goods, it will be necessary to build bridges and introduce ship Shuttle crossings throughout the channel. This will require a large investment. In addition, Shuttle ships will pollute the channel with oil products and interfere with the passage of caravans of container ships through the channel. The third version of the crossing is the construction of tunnels under the bottom of the channel (Strait). However, this option is the most expensive and time-consuming.
This situation with the crossing is already observed with the Panama canal.
In short, the construction and organization of crossings through the channels create enormous economic problems.
I invented an original cost-effective, environmentally friendly way to transport goods and people through the water barrier - the  WATER CARGO PIPELINE (WCP). It will connect the banks, canals, Straits and rivers (know-how) and provide year-round communication shores. The water cargo pipeline will not interfere with navigation on the surface of the waterway (along), and the absence of bridges will allow the use of vessels of any height.

WCP is a closed ferry, which independently (!) will move from one Bank to another Autonomous containers with cargo or watercraft with people. The water cargo pipeline will be installed at a depth exceeding the value of the ship's sediment (above the bottom).
The average cruising speed of containers up to 15 km / h (for the crossing – it is more than enough).
The advantages of the WCP:
- relatively cheap
- short installation and start-up time
- full autonomy (containers with cargo and boats with people moving independently (!) without engines)
- and low energy costs (no fuel required !)
- do not require enormous ports
The invented water cargo Pipeline will allow you to move any containers (!) weight and size from shore to shore, without interfering with the passage of container ships. They are able to transport through the channel huge volumes of oil, liquefied gas and bulk and mixed cargo, as well as people spending a small amount of energy.
The author has developed and created a computer 3D concept model of the invented device (all mechanisms and units). The model is animated that will allow to be convinced of its working capacity and reality of fruitful idea. The technology of installation of the WCP in place has been fully developed, a presentation video has been made. Materials for patenting (method and device) have been prepared.
I invite a solid partner-investor to get acquainted with the project, for joint patenting of the project and its implementation (commercialization).
To start the project, it is planned to create a small-scale operating experimental concept model (in the size of a home bath). This will take a maximum of 4-6 months. This patented design will be demonstrated to the management of the channels and potential investors with the aim of creating a Structure (of the Company) and the receipt of investment for implementation of Equinoterapia in the natural scale (for specific channel).
Then this Structure will replicate the WCP for other channels, Straits and rivers, which are quite a lot in Russia.

Valery M. Rudenko, Ph.d.


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